What Can Bowling Do For You !

Why get into bowls? It’s an accessible game that’s quick to learn and combines physical activity with precision, patience and power.
Who is it for? Played outdoors on grass, or indoors on an artificial surface, bowls can be played by all ages and abilities.
Is there a cheap option? ‘Pay and Play’ at your local club, or bring our own set to the park!
What if I want a proper workout? It improves muscle strength, flexibility and endurance.
Can I take it to another level? It can be played at a competitive level, for those who want more of a challenge.
Is there a disability option? It’s a non-contact sport, which is enjoyed by all, including people with disabilities.
Is there a family option Any version of the game can be played for fun with the whole family – indoors or outdoors.

Bowls is played by people of all ages, as the basics are easy to pick up and you can play any time, day or night. Traditionally it’s been seen as an older person’s game, but in recent years an increasing number of younger people are taking up bowls.