Ryedale League Season 2021- 2022. Updates To Playing rules and Venues

I can confirm that all 6 clubs will play this season and that we will play with just 2 rinks of triples, both starting at 7pm, and playing 15 ends.

While it is likely that this will remain the case for the entire season, we can undertake a short review after 14th December when we have each played each other twice, just in case player availability has improved at ALL clubs such as to allow a return to 4 rinks in one format or another with an absolute minimum of 8 players in a team for the second half of the season.

League Matches
a) All games must be played at 7pm on the dates shown in the fixture list, unless agreement to
vary the date has been obtained by the League Committee. The start time may be changed
by mutual agreement. Fixtures may be re-arranged by mutual consent of both clubs.
b) Any member selected to play for any Constituent Club of the Ryedale League must be a
subscribing member of the Club for whom he is selected as well as being registered with
c) Should any club enter two teams the players of each of the two teams must be registered
with the League Secretary.
d) No player shall be allowed to play for more than one team in League Matches in any one
season without the agreement of the Committee.
e) Dress shall be greys, white tops or uniform colours, with regulation bowling shoes.
f) Each League fixture shall be four rinks of three players, playing three woods over twelve
g) Two points shall be awarded for each rink, with two points awarded to the overall winner.
h) One point will be awarded for tied rinks and one point for each team for an overall tied
i) The following replaces ESMBA Rule C7a: The first time the jack is knocked off the side of the
mat on each rink there will be no penalty and the end will be replayed. On the second and
subsequent occasions on each rink, the end will not be replayed and the offending side will
give two shots away. Rules C7b and C7d still apply.
j) Any club playing a rink short shall lose the points for that rink and the overall result shall be
determined by the remaining rinks.
k) The following replaces ESMBA Rule E1d, Skips are not allowed to visit the head but may
remain at the head until it is their turn to bowl.