Ryedale League Season 2022 – 2023. Updates To Playing rules and Venues

Please note the following points:

Fixture List: I have decided to start the season on 27th September and leave 20th December free. While clubs should, as we agreed, aim to play postponed games within three weeks, this does give clubs who have failed to do so the option of playing any remaining games from the earlier part of the season on 20th December. Similarly, 20th March is available for the same purpose prior to the Tilley Cup Final.

Ryedale League Rules:

Rule 8a used to say the following which was somewhat ambiguous regarding what authority was needed to change the date of a game:

“All games must be played at 7pm on the dates shown in the fixture list, unless agreement to vary the date has been obtained by the League Committee. The start time may be changed by mutual agreement. Fixtures may be re-arranged by mutual consent of both clubs.“

It now incorporates the relevant agreements reached at the meeting and says:

“Wherever possible, all games should be played on the dates and at the times shown in the fixture list. Clubs should avoid postponing games (playing short if necessary) and, if at all possible, postponed games should be played both within 3 weeks of the postponement and by the Tilley Cup Final which will be played two weeks after the final scheduled league game. Start times may be changed by mutual agreement.”

I hope this is acceptable and in the spirit of what we agreed.

TILLEY CUP RULES (as at 26/4/2022)

1) Clubs who play in the Ryedale Short Mat Bowls League are automatically entitled to play in the Tilley Cup.
2) Unless otherwise stated in these rules, the rules of the Ryedale Short Mat Bowls League apply to Tilley Cup Matches.
3) The draw for the cup for the following season will be made at the AGM of the Ryedale Short Mat Bowls League.
4) The final will be played at a neutral venue decided by the Ryedale Short Mat Bowls League Chair, Vice Chair and Hon Secretary/Treasurer with the agreement of the host club.
5) The winner of each match will be the team with the highest aggregate shots.
6) Where the number of shots after 16 ends is equal, both rinks will play one more end.
7) Any club playing a rink short shall have 25% of their shots deducted.

Rules of the game:

For those who do not have a copy of the Laws of the Game, they can be downloaded or printed from the link below (note – 52 pages) – which also gives links to where they can be purchased ready printed: