Richard Lund Memorial Triples: Saturday 15th February 2020

The Bowls Competition was held at Ryedale Indoors Bowl Club, Norton on 15th February.

20 teams from North Yorkshire competed in triples played with 2 bowls lasting 45 minutes. Each team playing 4 games. Going into the last 2 sessions, the Teams of Robert Mumford, Arthur Jackson, Chris Pendergast and Bronagh Toleman were all on 6 points, closely followed by David Newsome on 5 points. After the 7th session the team of Arthur Jackson was unbeaten on 8 points, this brought up an intriguing last session when the teams of Bronagh Toleman and David Newsome would play each other. In the final session, Bronagh Toleman’s team beat David Newsome’s 12 shots to 7. The final result had Bronagh Toleman’s team on 8 points and Arthur Jackson’s team on 8 points, with Bronagh Tolman’s team winning with a shot difference of 60 against Arthur Jackson’s team Shot Difference of 36.

Amongst the 60 competitors was Lilly Duffin at 8 years of age was our youngest ever competitor,

Julie Lund presented Richards Trophy to the winners. Lilly was also presented with a box of chocolates as a recognition of her ability and enthusiasm throughout the day.

Winners: Bronagh Toleman. Lee Toleman, Peter Jensen

Runners Up: Arthur Jackson, Dennis Jarvis,Tim Jackson 3rd Place: Daniel Agar,Steve Finch, Samantha Stacey 4th Place: Chris Prendergast, Jean Bridges , Pete Arthur Julie Lund and Lilly Duffin