Richard Lund Memorial Triples Competition 2018

After 3 teams withdrew due to illness, the total teams were reduced form 24 to 22. This resulted in One group of 12 and one group of 10 each team playing 4 games of 45 minutes over the day.

Going into the last session, we had 3 teams who had played all their games on 8 points, and 2 teams playing in the last session on 6 points.

After all the sessions had been completed, we had 4 teams on 8 points, with the positions decided on shot difference.

The winners:  Arthur Jackson,Sue Pittham, Dennis Jarvis.

Runners up: David Newsome, Joseph Newsome,Jill Newsome

3rd Place: Pat Lawry, Bryn Flinton, Richard Harrison

4th Place: Peter Hawkett, Margaret Hawkett, Di Herbert