High 5s Competition 2019

Bowls Measure at Ryedale IBC

Due to our relocation to Ryedale IBC,The entries were reduced to 12 teams utilising our 6 mats to play 4 games each of Triples and Pairs. The combined score determining the winner.
The venue proved to be a hit with the bowlers and BSA members relaxing in a warm and pleasant atmosphere. The competition drew visitors from both the indoors bowl club and members of the public.
As the last session of Pairs started the teams of Toleman and Newsomewere separated by 1 point overall. Both teams won their respective games, which ensured the team of Aaron Kaya,Lance Gadd, BronaghToleman Lawrence Moffat,Lee Toleman,finished as winners of the competition.

High 5s Winners

High 5s Runners Up

High 5s Third Place
4th Place C Barthram- A Banthorpe
High 5s bowling