BSA HIGH 5’s Competition: Saturday January 18th 2020

High 5s 2020 a days view High5s relaxing to watch Hiogh 5s playing the Bowl12 teams of 5 bowlers took part, split into a Triple and Pair. each playing 4 Games.                                                    Going into the final session of Triples and Pairs the Teams of Bronagh Toleman and Joseph Newsome, Both were unbeaten, with Josepth’s team having a better shot Difference. This shot advantage was erroded over the final Triples and pairs games, giving Bronagh’s team a winning advantage.

Winners 2020: Danny Langdon- Bronagh Toleman-Aron Kaya-Peter Jensen – Lee Toleman

Runners Up: Jill Newsome – Daniel Agar – J Clark – David Newsome – Joseph Newsome

3rd Place: Alan and Pat Banthorpe (pairs)  Triples Heather Robertson (lead), Jean Rhodes (2nd) and Carolyn Barthram (skip).

4th Place: C Prendergast – Arthur Jackson – Jean Bridges –  Guy Bedford – Pete Arthur.