BSA High Fives Competition 2016


(23/1/16) 16 teams of 5 entered (each team = 1 Triple + 1 Pair). 8 mats were used so all contestants had 4 games of 45 minutes. The Triples and Pairs played in alternate sessions so each team could watch and cheer on their “other half” whilst sitting out. Teams winning all 8 games could gain 16 points but just as in the previous 4 years, no team actually achieved this. However 3 teams managed to tie with 14 points each so the final places were determined by overall shot difference which resulted in the Rose Bowl (and £60) going to James Clark, Jake Potter and the three Newsomes (+72) who just pipped the winners of 2014 and 2015 Janet Clark, Geoff & Ann Whitehead and Roger & Diane Ellis (+70) who were awarded £50. A small award of £30 and £15 went the the 3rd and 4th placed teams.