Dales League Fixtures and Results September to December 2017

w/c 25th SeptHomeAwayHomeAway
BSA SwallowsvTD Jets434664
Marton RedvMarton Blue454837
Snainton TigersvSnainton Panthers8920100
Marton WhitevKMS Condors555446
TD SharksvBSA SWifts544764
w/c 2nd OctHomeAwayHomeAway
TD JetsvKMS Wrens515537
BYEvTD Sharks
BSA SwiftsvMarton White684182
KMS CondorsvSnainton Tigers614082
Snainton PanthersvMarton Red555182
Marton BluevBSA Swallows493882
w/c 9th OctHomeAwayHomeAway
Snainton TigersvBSA Swifts6629100
Marton WhitevTD Sharks604464
KMS WrensVMarton Blue425737
BSA SwallowsVSnainton Panthers505146
Marton RedvKMS Condors534182
w/c 16th OctHomeAwayHomeAway
BSA SwiftsvKMS Wrens435146
KMS CondorsvTD Jets436228
Snainton PanthersvMarton Blue485746
BYEvSnainton Tigers
Marton WhitevMarton Red533964
TD SharksvBSA Swallows683291
w/c 23rd OctHomeAwayHomeAway
TD JetsvBSA Swifts5335100
KMS WrensvTD Sharks425228
BSA SwallowsvMarton White464546
Marton RedvSnainton Tigers415528
Snainton PanthersvBYE
Marton BluevKMS Condors614282
w/c 30th OctHomeAwayHomeAway
Marton RedvKMS Wrens5631100
Snainton TigersvTD Jets504864
Marton WhitevMarton Blue296328
TD SharksvSnainton Panthers464164
BSA SwiftsvKMS Condors445128
BYEvBSA Swallows
w/c 6th NovHomeAwayHomeAway
BSA SwiftsvBYE
KMS CondorsvTD Sharks673882
Snainton PanthersvMarton White494755
Marton BluevSnainton Tigers6728100
TD JetsvMarton Red474755
KMS WrensvBSA Swallows7628100
w/c 13th NovHomeAwayHomeAway
Marton BluevTD Jets6040100
Marton WhitevBYE
TD SharksvSnainton Tigers464164
BSA SwiftsvMarton Red514564
KMS CondorsvBSA Swallows543791
Snainton PanthersvKMS Wrens434928
w/c 20th NovHomeAwayHomeAway
Prelim Cup Matches
Marton RedVBSA Swifts5338
(B) Marton BlueVSnainton Tigers4844
(C) KMS CondorsvTD Sharks6523
w/c 27th NovHomeAwayHomeAway
Marton RedvTD Sharks493882
Snainton TigersvMarton White653982
BYEvMarton Blue
TD JetsvSnainton Panthers
KMS WrensvKMS Condors
BSA SwallowsvBSA Swifts524364
w/c 4th DecHomeAwayHomeAway
TD SharksvTD Jets505228
BSA SwiftsvMarton Blue523782
KMS CondorsvSnainton Panthers7629100
Marton RedvBYE
Snainton TigersvBSA Swallows714282
Marton WhitevKMS Wrens534264
w/c 11th Dec
w/c 11th DecHomeAwayHomeAway
Marton BluevTD Sharks434646
TD JetsvMarton White713382
KMS WrensvSnainton Tigers5328100
BSA SwallowsvMarton Red495146
BYEKMS Condors
Snainton PanthersvBSA Swifts7730100

Please Note: TD Sharks v BSA SWifts has been rescheduled to 4th January 2018