Dales League Fixtures January To March 2017

Updated: 23-3-2017
W/C 9/1HomeAwayHomeAway
Marton RedVBSA Swallows7324100
KMS WrensVTD Jets5839100
TD SharksVKMS Condors396428
Marton WhiteVHelmsley Hotshots465728
BSA SwiftsVMarton Blue494573
W/C 16/1
BSA SwallowsVKMS Wrens554182
TD JetsVTD Sharks465228
KMS CondorsVMarton White603891
Helmsley HotshotsVBSA Swifts555728
Marton BlueVMarton Red533982
W/C 23/1
TD SharksVBSA Swallows554164
Marton WhiteVTD Jets434828
Helmsley HotshotsVKMS Condors635064
KMS WrensVMarton Blue446146
BSA SwiftsVMarton Red485337
W/C 30/1
BSA SwallowsVMarton White542982
TD JetsVHelmsley Hotshots6029100
KMS CondorsVBSA Swifts464255
Marton BlueVTD Sharks713091
Marton RedVKMS Wrens574273
W/C 6/2
Helmsley Hotshots vBSA Swallows6431100
KMS Condorsv TD Jets 485046
Marton WhitevMarton Blue415046
TD SharksVMarton Red603282
BSA SwiftsVKMS Wrens5944100
W/C 13/2
BSA SwallowsVKMS Condors494155
TD JetsVBSA Swifts594182
Marton BlueVHelmsley Hotshots8123100
Marton RedVMarton White494973
KMS WrensVTD Sharks504082
W/C 20/2
TD JetsVBSA Swallows534182
KMS CondorsVMarton Blue504682
Helmley HotshotsVMarton Red673282
Marton WhiteVKMS Wrens435328
BSA SwiftsVTD Sharks495446
W/C 27/2 Catch up games
W/C 6/3 Cup knockout RD 1W/C 6/3 Cup knockout RD 1W/C 6/3 Cup knockout RD 1
Marton White vB.S.A. Swallows4543
Marton RedvHelmsley Hotshots5938
B.S.A. Swifts vK.M.S. WrensSwifts Conceded
Thornton Sharks vMarton Blue5253
K.M.S. Condors vThornton Jets5153
W/C 13/3 Semi FinalsW/C 13/3 Semi FinalsW/C 13/3 Semi Finals
Marton WhitevMarton Red5333
K.M.S. WrensvThornton Sharks 4157
Thornton JetsvMarton Blue5049
W/C 20/3 - Final
Marton WhitevThornton Sharks 3963

The Final of the Knock-out Competition will be played at Kirkbymisperton. On Wednesday March 22nd at 7pm