Dales League Fixtures and Results January 2018 to April 2018

w/c 8th JanHomeAwayHomeAway
TD JetsvBSA Swallows495428
Marton BluevMarton Red643691
Snainton PanthersvSnainton Tigers3272010
KMS CondorsvMarton White654282
BSA SwiftsvTD Sharks514082
w/c 15th JanHomeAwayHomeAway
KMS WrensvTD Jets534682
TD SharksvBYE
Marton WhitevBSA Swifts6730100
Snainton TigersvKMS Condors6330100
Marton RedvSnainton Panthers433582
BSA SwallowsvMarton Blue464364
w/c 22nd JanHomeAwayHomeAway
Cup Quarter Finals
Snainton PanthersVMarton Red5150
Marton WhiteVKMS Wrens6435
Marton BlueVBSA Swallows5838
TD JetsVKMS Condors5550
w/c 29th JanHomeAwayHomeAway
BSA SwiftsvSnainton Tigers2470010
TD SharksvMarton White7029100
BYE vTD Jets
Marton BluevKMS Wrens584164
Snainton PanthersvBSA Swallows5534100
KMS CondorsvMarton Red633373
w/c 5th FebHomeAwayHomeAway
KMS WrensvBSA Swifts593682
TD JetsvKMS Condors515246
Marton BluevSnainton Panthers732482
Snainton TigersvBYE
Marton RedvMarton White644164
BSA SwallowsvTD Sharks546846
w/c 12th FebHomeAwayHomeAway
BSA SwiftsvTD Jets4256010
TD SharksvKMS Wrens503982
Marton WhitevBSA Swallows514682
Snainton TigersvMarton Red524282
BYE vSnainton Panthers
KMS CondorsvMarton Blue565364
w/c 19th FebHomeAwayHomeAway
Cup semi-finals
Marton WhitevMarton Blue4544
Thornton Dale Jets vSnainton Panthers5538
w/c 26th FebHomeAwayHomeAway
KMS WrensvMarton Red
TD JetsvSnainton Tigers
Marton BluevMarton White534182
Snainton PanthersvTD Sharks
KMS CondorsvBSA Swifts8229100
BSA SwallowsvBYE
w/c 5th MarchHomeAwayHomeAway
BYEvBSA Swifts
TD SharksvKMS Condors624282
Marton WhitevSnainton Panthers524673
Snainton TigersvMarton Blue6041100
Marton RedvTD Jets375328
BSA SwallowsvKMS Wrens465428
w/c 12th MarHomeAwayHomeAway
TD JetsvMarton Blue624082
BYE vMarton White
Snainton TigersvTD Sharks6326100
Marton RedvBSA Swifts783691
BSA SwallowsvKMS Condors435428
KMS WrensvSnainton Panthers555046
w/c 19th MarchHomeAwayHomeAway
TD SharksvMarton red
Marton WhitevSnainton Tigers
Marton BlueBYE
Snainton Panthers vTD Jets
KMS CondorsvKMS Wrens
BSA SwiftsvBSA Swallows
w/c 26th MarchHomeAwayHomeAway
TD JetsvTD Sharks
Marton BluevBSA Swifts
Snainton PanthersvKMS Condors
BYEvMarton Red
BSA SwallowsvSnainton Tigers
KMS WrensvMarton White
w/c 2nd April
TD SharksvMarton Blue
Marton WhitevTD Jets
Snainton TigersvKMS Wrens
Marton RedvBSA Swallows
KMS CondorsvBYE
BSA SwiftsvSnainton Panthers
w/c 9th AprilCup Final
Thornton Dale JetsvMarton White